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Skip Dinner and Movie = Get Better Job

Skip Dinner and Movie = Get Better Job


Vintage ProjectorI recently went to a movie and dinner with my family. Total cost for a matinee and burgers after? $125+!

Now, I realize family time is important, but as a career coach, a strange thought came over me when I realized what the four hours out with my hubby and kids cost more than most of the deals our experts are offering during Career Mania 2012.

Invest In Your Future… It Could Pay for More Leisure Events!

What if skipping that dinner and movie out with the family and trading it in for pizza and a rental could result in you freeing up enough cash to hire a career coach? And, what if that career coach helped you to get a new, better job in 2012? The result of that re-allocation of funds could mean more money to do more leisure activities in the future.

Career Mania is Designed to Show You the True Value of Career Coaching

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