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Don’t Make These 5 Obvious Errors on LinkedIn

Recently, an old colleague reached out to me and asked me to connect with her on LinkedIn. We had worked together about 10 years ago. She quickly followed up with an e-mail explaining she had lost her job six months ago and hadn't landed a job yet She went on to explain she recently attended a networking event where the presenter shared tips for "standing out" on LinkedIn. She had just created her profile using tips from the session and wanted me critique it. I regretted opening it the moment I saw she had a picture of the Tuscan countryside as her photo. It only got worse from there. Okay, so the good news is in the last year a lot of advice has been posted for professionals on how to leverage the power of LinkedIn. The bad news is some of it is truly terrible. Personal branding on LinkedIn is just that: personal. Which means, while you have to be authentic and create a profile that truly reflects who you are as a professional, you also have to understand people are judging you on what they see in the first 10 seconds of viewing your profile. Join me this Wednesday for a FREE webinar called, "Don't Make These 5 Obvious Errors on LinkedIn." In it, I'll go over the little things that hurt your credibility on the world's #1 career networking site. Come learn what could be hurting your professional authority on LinkedIn. Honestly, in today's highly competitive workplace, can you afford not to? Sorry, this event already happened! Click here to watch the recording of this webinar. Photo credit: Shutterstock