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LinkedIn’s New Influencer Program

If you’ve been on LinkedIn recently, you’ve probably noticed you can now “follow” some people who are writing original content for their site. It’s a new way for you to learn and share content with your network. This week, I shared a personal story there. My Career Love Story: When Comfort Ends, Life Begins » In it, I come clean about the events that brought me to my current career. It’s no Cinderella story – but it’s mine. I’d love it if you’d visit the site and take a look. Then, if you like what you read, I’d love to have you follow me on Influencer. I’ll be talking a lot more about the need to change the way we look at our careers on LinkedIn. I’d be so happy to have you as part of the conversation! Sincerely, J.T. Founder | CAREEREALISM | CareerHMO