What do people think when they see your photo on LinkedIn? Do you seem competent, likable, and influential in your industry? If you’re not certain how your professional photo is being perceived, you definitely don’t want to miss this event covering the exact characteristics that make a winning LinkedIn photo.

Research Unveils The Perfect Professional Headshot Photo

Co-founders Stephanie and Ben Peterson of PhotoFeeler.com— a free online photo testing tool— will be unveiling never-before-seen findings from their in-depth research, based on ratings of perceived competence, likability, and influence for several hundreds of professional headshot photos in the PhotoFeeler database.

Why Does A Photo Matter?

But why should you care so much about your professional photo, anyway? Fact is, recruiters can't help but make snap judgments based on little information— especially photos. Research shows that faces are processed deep in our subconscious, and opinions form so automatically that they're impossible to stop. The impression someone gathers from your photo in the first tenth of a second colors everything else they learn about you. And this is never truer than in an environment like LinkedIn, where browsers often see photos before anything else.

Changes You Can Make Today

The most exciting part about the precise tips that you’ll be learning is the focus on changes you can make immediately to improve your online impression. Whereas factors like age, gender, race, and even body type can certainly play a part in how people perceive us, this conversation has no interest in aspects of our photos that we can’t easily control. Rather, this event is all about being proactive—paying attention to photo characteristics like camera direction, facial expression, and even Photoshop edits.

Watch This Webinar!

Never again be forced to make a total guess as to whether your professional photo is putting you in the right light. Join us for this special presentation on professional LinkedIn photos. Presenters: Stephanie and Ben Peterson, founders of PhotoFeeler.com.   WATCH NOW ►  

About The Presenters

Stephanie and Ben Peterson are the founders of PhotoFeeler.com, a free profile photo testing tool. In addition to helping professionals choose their best photos to use online, PhotoFeeler is quick becoming a leader in scientific research around professional image. To make sure your LinkedIn photo is coming off as you intend, check out their site.