Many hopeful job seekers have fallen prey to using a LinkedIn profile photo that works against them, by sending the wrong message to potential employers. But rethinking one's LinkedIn photo choice is easy when you have multiple to choose from. What can you do when your current professional photo is the only one you've got? If you don't have the time and money to hire a professional photographer, but you have a smartphone in your pocket or a webcam on your computer, you're still luck! When done right, a selfie (that is, a photo you take of yourself) against a blank backdrop or in your home office can be a completely legitimate way to gather a batch of new professional photo options in a snap. And if you really want to add polish and shine, here are four of the best tools out there for taking your self portraits to the next level.

1. Smartphone camera remotes prevent facial distortion.

Faces can look slightly distorted in selfies, since most smart phones use a wide angle lens that isn't ideal for close-ups. If your arm just can't stretch far enough to get regular proportions across the face, your best remedy will be to spring for a camera remote such as Shutterball or the Muku Shuttr. How these work is you position yourself several feet away from your device. Then, when you're ready for the picture, you simply use your handy remote to snap it from afar. Problem solved.

2. Bendable stands ensure perfect positioning.

If you do decide to operate your smartphone camera by remote, you'll need a stand to keep your device propped up right. No need to settle for just any stand, though, when there's options like the Octopus Style Adjustable Tripod that can use its legs to latch onto just about anything.

3. Picmonkey makes photo editing a breeze.

Are your photos a little red or yellow? Dark or overexposed? In need of a simple cropping? Whatever photo edit you need to make, chances are that the Picmonkey online editing tool can get it done. Not only is Picmonkey entirely free to use without an account, but its features are dead-simple to operate. Just hop over to the site, upload a photo, and start clicking around the options. You'll be a photo editing pro in minutes.

4. Apps can now beautify your shots automatically.

If you're down for something slightly more extreme in the way of photo editing, but don't have Photoshop or the editing chops to do it yourself, you might want to try an automatic beautifying app such as Perfect 365, Pixtr, or Facetune to whip your image into shape. The idea behind apps like these is to automatically detect and correct universal imperfections, like an uneven skintone, in one fell swoop. Some people love them; some people hate them. But there's no harm in having a trick up your sleeve, just in case. That concludes my suggested tools for polishing up a selfie for professional use, on LinkedIn or your own career-oriented website.

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