How To Use LinkedIn To Get Discovered By Recruiters

How To Use LinkedIn To Get Discovered By Recruiters
In resumes, job applications, and cover letters, keywords (when used properly) will differentiate you from every other candidate. Keywords are used to categorize you based on your skills, expertise, experiences, and talents. LinkedIn Skills are these Keywords in your LinkedIn Profile. LinkedIn Skills are a vital part of your LinkedIn profile. It’s important to pick Skills that exist in LinkedIn that represent who you are and what you do. During this webinar, we will show you how to pick the best Skills for your career and business goals as well as how to remove Skills that are irrelevant to your career goals and why. Proper use of LinkedIn Skills will help your LinkedIn Profile to be discovered and reviewed by recruiters, hiring managers, HR professionals and even business owners searching for new team members. You don't just put LinkedIn Skills in the LinkedIn Skills area. This will minimize their power. There are at least nine different areas of your LinkedIn Profile where your top LinkedIn Skills should show up. We will show you where to put them and why. In this webinar we will show you how recruiters use LinkedIn to find candidates and why properly used LinkedIn Skills can position you above other candidates in the search results. Having a great LinkedIn Profile and using your Skills properly gets you numerous advantages over every other candidate. Is being found before other candidates important to you? If you don’t put extra efforts into being found over other candidates, you’ll be just like every other candidate, average and at the mercy of the merciless Applicant Tracking Systems. Attend this webinar and learn:
  • Where LinkedIn Search actually searches
  • What key areas of LinkedIn Profile to add your Skill words/phrases
  • How to get your LinkedIn Profile found first

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