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Use this search box to find recruiters you can actually connect with! [Read below to learn how.} [live_search style="1" all_pages="Y"]   1) We are the first Recruiter Directory. That's right, top recruiters from all over the world have agreed to be featured on our site. Why? They want to make it easier for you to get to know them and their companies. Why? They want you to have all the information you need so you can feel confident and excited about applying to their jobs. Why? Because they are the BEST at what they do and they know helping you get to know them will make the process more effective for you and them! 2) Here's how to find a recruiter. It's really simple. Use the search bar at the top of this page. Just put in some terms and the search results will show you any/all of the recruiters that match. Here are a few things you should include:

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