Flub Or Fierce: Miley Cyrus iHeartRadio Wardrobe

The Miley Cyrus iHeartRadio Wardrobe Incident got the pop star even more attention recently in the wake of her bold dance moves at the VMA's. The former star of Hannah Montana wore a white fishnet dress and black pasties at the the iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas. Cyrus sang her newest Top 40 hit "Wrecking Ball," and many people would suggest she's using the same tool on her career right now. However, sales for her album have gone up drastically since her teddy-bear- and foam-finger-themed VMA's appearance (She had two of the top 10 selling songs on iTunes by the end of August.) Her time with Robin Thicke on stage led to a tweets per minute rate that was three times higher than last year's VMA high point, and it was close to the same amount as the 2012 Presidential Election. She also broke the VEVO record twice for the fastest time to 100 million views, once for "We Can't Stop" (37 days), then for "Wrecking Ball" (6 days). By acting the way she did, Miley ticked quite a few people off. Her time on-air featured some crude gestures, a couple of questionable wardrobe choices and generally inappropriate behavior that many parents-- and other people with purchasing power in our economy-- won't support. Have we reached the breaking point for celebrities who can make money off of decisions the average person would never make? Is there room for another innocent-female-celebrity-turned-wild-child, and should we allow it to hurt another person's life? Does Miley need a new image? Regardless of how you feel about it, Miley could follow the same steps that anyone would to revamp her personal brand if she chooses to do so. If she learns what is important to her potential employers (record companies, TV or film studios, etc.), she can show how her accomplishments match up with it well. If she finds that what she's doing isn't an interest of theirs, she could find another company that appreciates what she brings to the table or do something outside of her current brand to start a trend in that direction. (You could make the argument that the last month of her life has been a pivot, since she is no longer anything like the Disney character she started out as, and she's a drastic embellishment of the individual she was in her first post-Disney album.) There is plenty of evidence on either side of the argument, which is why we're asking you: Is Miley Cyrus' iHeartRadio wardrobe choice a career flub or a fierce move on her part? Answer our poll, and leave a comment below if you want to expand on your choice. [poll id="139"]

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