How To Prepare For A Mingle Online Networking Event


How To Write Your Mingle Introduction


Questions To Ask While Networking


Ice Breaker: What’s your least favorite networking experience?


Ice Breaker: Tell me about the most exciting thing to happen to you in the last year.


Ice Breaker: What person would you love to meet and why?


Following Up After A Mingle Event



  1. I was able to watch most of the preparation videos above, but the last two (person you’d love to meet and the follow-up) included the following message:
    “Aw fiddlesticks! This video can’t be played with your current setup”.
    Is there a way for me to view these as I had the others?

    1. That’s pretty odd Dawn. We haven’t seen that problem before. Your best bet would be to make sure you have the latest version of Flash on your computer. Let us know if there’s anything else we can do to help! We hope you enjoy this week’s Mingle event. (We have one from 12-2pm EDT and another from 7-9pm EDT, so choose the one that works best for you!

  2. Love the idea of becoming part of this experience. Is there any opportunity to join the event even though I am living in Ireland? I’ve tried to sign up but the system didn’t let me. Thanks a mil.

  3. I was a little confused about the Ice Breaker videos above. Were we supposed to have prepared for all three topics this week, or they given for this week and the following two weeks? Those I met “cut to the chase,” so I never used one. I think I’ll take the lead next time! ;-)

    1. Liz, thanks for asking. The ice breakers weren’t necessary, but we thought they would be a way to ease into the conversation in case people had trouble. You’re welcome to use any, all or none of them.

      1. Thanks, Nick. Looks like my post was truncated and I had one other question: is the software programmed to ensure that we will be paired with new contacts in upcoming weeks, or is the pairing “luck of the draw?”

        Congratulations to the entire team for a great event yesterday! Your effort was appreciated.


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