5 Reasons You Should Mix With ‘Mingle’

5 Reasons You Should Mix With ‘Mingle’

At the end of a long work day, it can be easy to talk yourself out of networking and into sweatpants. Mustering up the motivation and energy to go out there and talk to stuffy strangers can definitely be a challenge. Not to mention the fact that you have to dress up, spend money, and sacrifice snuggling up on your couch, catching up on Game of Thrones. In short, going to networking events can be a hassle. You’re busy. And when you’re not busy, you’re tired. And when you’re not tired, you want to spend your time having fun. We completely agree. That’s why we created Mingle! Mingle, a virtual networking event powered by CAREEREALISM and Brazen Careerist, is the hassle-free, cheap, and fun way to meet valuable connections. The best part? Networking in your sweatpants is completely acceptable! Need a little more persuading? Here are five great reasons why you should mix with Mingle:

1. It's Hassle-Free Networking

Although a Mingle event is 2 hours long, you have the option to join and leave at any time during the event. You can join anywhere you go, whether you’re at the airport, hanging by the pool, or on your couch. Talk about easy! Not to mention, if you want to take a break, you can always excuse yourself and jump back in when you’re ready.

2. It's Cheap - Wait, It’s FREE!

Buying drinks, filling up your gas tank, and paying expensive attendance fees adds up quickly. Especially if you’re hitting multiple events per month - which could have you spending about $50/month (or $600/year) just on networking. Your bank account isn’t loving it, and neither are you. Why should you have to pay tons of money to do something that’s so mandatory in this day and age? Well, with Mingle, you don’t. A Mingle event is FREE, which could be a savings of about $600 a year for you! What the HECK are you going to do with all of that money you’re going to save? Go on a shopping spree, go deep-sea fishing, take a vacation… Just some ideas!

3. It's Not Intimidating Or Awkward

At in-person professional events, it’s easy for social anxiety to crush your confidence. What if you’re awkward? What if you say something wrong? What if they judge you? If you’re shy, meeting new people in-person can be extremely hard. However, networking has always been a must-have in your life - whether you’re job searching, looking for new clients, or just trying to make new friends. (In fact, 40% job seekers said they found their “favorite” or “best” job through their network, according to a recent JobVite study.) The fact is, networking is something we all need to deal with on a daily basis. But why does it have to be intimidating or awkward? Well, it doesn’t - not with Mingle! There’s a reason people are “cooler online.” It’s because they’re not as afraid of people judging them. They feel protected, less intimidated, and more confident. (In fact, 40% of people feel more comfortable interacting with people online rather than in-person.) Mingle makes it easy for people to connect online, build professional relationships, and make it easier for them to meet in-person - if they feel so inclined!

4. It’s Organized

Don’t you hate it when you forget whose business card is whose? Us too! Mingle automatically tracks who you’ve chatted with and lists them in your dashboard after your conversation ends. It brings up their LinkedIn Profile, and even allows you to take notes on the person! No more lost connections.

5. It's FUN!

If you’re one of those people who would rather read an encyclopedia than attend a networking event, Mingle is perfect for you. Mingle is sort of like speed dating - you could call it speed connecting. You have 8 minutes to introduce yourself, learn a little bit about the other person, and find commonalities. It’s like a game - And it’s addicting! So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to change how you think about networking. Try Mingle today!

Want to become a master networker? Try Mingle!

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