Special Mingle Virtual Networking Event

How awesome is your LinkedIn profile? Do you know if it's even working for you? Well, if you want to find out, mark your calendar for Tuesday at 7pm EDT for a very special Mingle virtual networking event! During this event, we will be hosting a Peer Profile Review, which is a fantastic way to get feedback on your LinekdIn profile. Here's how Peer Profile Reviews work:

1. Take 10 Seconds To Review Each Other's Profile

When you connect, you'll review his or her profile for 10 seconds. Why only 10 seconds? Well, studies show that the average person only spends about 6-13 seconds on your profile before they decide if they're going to connect with you or not.

2. Share Everything You Recall About The Profile

After you review the profile, come back to the conversation and share everything you can recall from the profile based off of your 10-second impression. This will be great feedback for both parties.

3. Share The Most Impressive Thing You Can Recall About His/Her Experience

What stood out the most to you? What kind of impression did you take away of their expertise? This is very important information because you want to know that about yourself, and you want to be able to adjust your profile accordingly. These days, you HAVE to be on LinkedIn. There are over 300 million users are on LinkedIn and two people per second are joining. However, if you're profile isn't optimized correctly, it won't do too much for you. Did you know that less than 50% of LinkedIn users have properly completely their profiles? Completing your profile is a huge opportunity for you. LinkedIn rewards the individuals who have properly completed their profiles by putting them in more search results and connecting you with more people. You NEED to optimize your profile, and getting feedback is going to help you do it. Over 41% of LinkedIn users have 500+ connections, up 10% from last year. What does that mean for you? Well, it's only going to grow. As more people use LinkedIn, more people will have connections. That means, as you connect with more people, you will have more 2nd and 3rd line connections. It's that six degrees of separation coming into play here. Connecting on LinkedIn starts with having an awesome profile. That's why you NEED to join us for our next Mingle event. By the end of the event, you're going to have talked with a lot of people, and gotten a lot of helpful feedback on your profile. Not only that, but you're also going to help out other professionals by doing the same for them.

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