[Job S.H.O.T.s] 10 Things You Must Do on LinkedIn

In this episode of Job S.H.O.T.s, J.T. O'Donnell reviews the most popular career advice articles posted on this blog over the past week. In it, she focuses on CAREEREALISM-Approved Career Expert, John Heckers' article describing 10 things you should immediately do on LinkedIn after setting up your account. Watch and learn what it takes to maximize your job search using LinkedIn. Here's an excerpt from John's article so you can get an idea of what he writes about:

Put up a photo. What do you think on LinkedIn if you see someone without a photo? Well, I think they have something to hide, or they just aren’t a very experienced LinkedIn user. Either way, there is nothing good about not having a photo. Women often get weird about this, citing stalkers, etc. But, realistically, no one has ever been stalked through LinkedIn. My wife, in fact, has her photo, e-mail address and company phone number on her profile (all good things to have), and has never had any problems at all. And, yes, she is much, much better looking than I am.

If you think your LinkedIn profile is lacking then you need to watch this video, now!

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(NOTE: This message is laced with sarcasm to prove a point. Reader beware and enter at your own risk.)

One of my mentors taught me a very valuable lesson the hard way. He told me I had great ideas, and my sales approach was crap. He even sent me to “Sales Training” to get better at making my point.

I admit I was terrible. I have gotten better over the years and by making mistakes. One good idea after another thrown in the circular file until I learned an invaluable lesson from my mentor.

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