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My Compliment To The World's Most Evil Co-worker

I posted the compliment challenge last week - here's my own response to it... She was pure evil at work. No, really, I mean it. I swear she's the world's most evil co-worker. There is but one word to describe her impact on everything she came in contact with: toxic. Here's the evidence to support it: 1) I never heard her say ANYTHING nice. i.e. Upon hearing a co-worker's mom died after a long, painful prolonged illness, she responded "Great, as if I don't have enough to do, now I'll be doing his job all this week too, if not longer." 2) She would spin stories out of innocent situations to make others look bad. A co-worker took an unexpected sick day. She convinced our manager the co-worker was interviewing for a new job, claiming she had been acting funny the day before at work and that she had seen her whispering on the phone. She even went so far as to find the co-worker's resume on-line. The co-worker returned the next day and was grilled by our manager until she finally admitted she had taken a sick day because she had found out her fiancee had been cheating on her with her best friend. She had taken the day to move out of the apartment they shared. I could cite many more examples, but it only gets me angry, and the point of this exercise is to put my emotions in check and find a way to connect with someone I don't like. So, here is my compliment: You were always consistent and reliable in your work. I could count on you to complete a task on time and without error - and you always needed minimal information or guidance to get it done. It was nice not to have to worry about that piece of the business because it allowed me to get more work done. Whew! I'm glad that's over. But saying it gets me thinking... Over the years, I've trained myself to remember that people like that usually have had some hard times in their life that have made them that way. I also try to keep in mind that a person who is that negative lives a really sad life in their head. On the rare days that I feel grumpy (for those who don't know, I'm an annoying optimist), I can feel the negativity sucking the life out of me. So, I can't imagine being like that all the time! Looking back, I see my former evil co-worker as a test to my ability to be in control of my thoughts. She was a constant reminder of why I wanted to stay positive. So, here's one more compliment... Thanks for showcasing the affects of being evil in the office. You showed me the kind of person I would NEVER want to be, nor would EVER hire for my own company. I even have a set of interview questions I use specifically to ensure employees have the right mindset. Wow - I guess evil in the workplace has its value too. Enjoy this article? You've got time for another! Check out these related articles: Photo Credit: Shutterstock