My Response to Angry Job Seeker: There's a Difference Between 'Following' and 'Learning'

By J.T. O'Donnell Today a question was given to the career experts of our T.A.P. program (Twitter Advice Project) that was more of a criticism than an actual question. You can read it here... I can see where the person is coming from. There are so many Americans who have been unemployed for extended periods of time (4 months or longer) in the job hunt these days, it's easy to understand why they might want to doubt the intentions and credibility of those who have been advising them. I also agree folks should look closely at the source of any career advice they choose to follow. But that being said, I must defend those experts who really do offer some valuable advice - several of whom are involved in our Twitter Advice Project. So, I decided to share my thoughts in the video post above. In it, I explain: A) Why you need a lot more career advice today than you ever needed before. And more importantly, B) Why many people fail to use career advice the right way. I'd love your thoughts and additional advice. What would you tell those who feel they've done all they could and still haven't landed a job?