The (Surprising) New England Career That Leaves A Legacy

The (Surprising) New England Career That Leaves A Legacy
One of the industries expecting a huge spike in career opportunities in the next decade is financial services. Why? A large number of seasoned financial representatives and advisors will be retiring in the next decade, opening up clear opportunities for individuals looking for a proven career path. Unfortunately, due to the recent financial crisis, the industry has gotten a bad reputation, causing many younger professionals to dismiss it as a viable option. Yet, a closer look shows this industry is in more alignment with their professional strengths and goals than they realize. Here’s why…

Want To Leave A Legacy? Help People With Their Biggest Responsibility In Life

Besides offering solid income potential and scheduling flexibility, this career does something deeply impactful: helps clients ensure their families are well-provided for. In this video, you can hear stories from some of Northwestern Mutual’s Northern New England team members, explaining what it’s like to play such an important role in their clients’ lives:As you can see, being a financial advisor has the power to positively impact many people.

Wish Your Career Could Be As Powerful? Do This…

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