Number One Non-traditional Job Search Method

Are you guilty of executing a "traditional" job search? You know, the one where you: A. Log on-line. B. Spend hours looking an unappealing job postings. C. Apply out of guilt to jobs that don't suit you. D. Feel exhausted, defeated and depressed after hours of applying. E. Wait and hear nothing back. Sound like you? If so, then watch this short video where CEO, J.T. O'Donnell explains: 1. Why a traditional job search doesn't work. 2. Why a non-traditional job search is more fun and rewarding. 3. Why an Interview Bucket List is the foundation to a successful non-traditional job search! Want to watch the FULL TUTORIAL and hear all J.T.'s tips for executing a non-traditional job search? Sign-up for the FREEMIUM membership at and you can access this video, plus 100+ hours of FREE career video tutorials. Job S.H.O.T.s is a recap of the most popular career news from the previous week. Learn what experts are sharing with professionals that can help you find greater career success in today’s challenging economy. Watch » Job S.H.O.T.s every Monday at 1:00 PM ET
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In this week's edition of Well, This Happened, the series that lets you become a career coach, we tackle a workplace dilemma from Taylor. Do you think you know how to answer this AWKWARD situation? Let's find out...

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