Is This the New ‘Normal’ for Career Changers?

I had the pleasure to be interviewed by Ric Bratton on his This Week in America radio show. He shared the story of a 50-something ex-construction worker who went through massive challenges to switch careers (40% pay-cut, extra education, 4 hour commute, etc.). Hear my advice to those who don’t want to be in the same boat. The Wall Street Journal recently announced the length of a job search has jumped to 39 weeks in America. That’s almost 10 months! It does not have to be that way, but in order to cut down the length of a job search you must follow the new rules. Listen here to how I coach our Career HMO members one-on-one to work smarter, not harder. Listen Now ButtonJ.T. O’Donnell is the founder of and CEO of, a web-based career development company.Photo credit:Flickr

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Woman disagrees with her boss

Disagreeing with other people, without taking a body count or courting disaster, is something most people try to avoid. Nevertheless, we recognize we can't always agree with everything that comes our way—even if it comes from the boss.

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