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#1 Cover Letter Technique

#1 Cover Letter Technique



A recent study done by the folks over at ZipRecruiter.com shows half of hiring managers won’t consider you without a cover letter, and two-thirds of hiring managers will not hire you based on what they read in your cover letter.

TRANSLATION: You better have a “get them at hello in a good way” cover letter.

Number OneJoin CareerHMO CEO, J.T. O’Donnell for a down-and-dirty look at the number one cover letter technique.

In this recession, you can’t afford not to learn how to grab a hiring manager’s attention by making the right impression. O’Donnell will show you the secret that will transform your cover letters from boring to brilliant!

VideoThis event has already occurred but the recording can be watched on CareerHMO. Click here to learn more.

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