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CAREEREALISM TV: Is Your Personality Sabotaging Your Career?

Ever wonder why some people seem to get ahead faster than others? Feel like employers aren't seeing you for who you really are? Wondering if your personality might have something to do with it? Well...the answer to that last question is...yes! Your Interaction Style at work plays a HUGE role in how your career develops - or shall we say, doesn't develop. And, while many of us can't change our personalities, nationally syndicated career strategist, J.T. O'Donnell, is going to share how you can learn to leverage your Interaction Style at work for better results. (In fact, be sure to CLICK HERE to take her free ISAT Career Test to learn which style you are before the show.) She's also going to take your career questions live and answer them with refreshing honesty and insightful ideas. That's right job seekers - we've got the only career show where you can ask questions anonymously and get answers from a career expert immediately! Mark Your Calendar: This Sunday, January 11th, from 1-2pm EST, log onto www.UStream.tv to watch AND interact on CAREEREALISM TV. Better Still - sign up here and we'll send you a reminder e-mail on Sunday morning. No SPAM, just an e-mail letting you know that CAREEREALISM TV is on-air.
Have you joined our career growth club?

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