Webinar: The Science Of Personal Websites For Career Advancement

It’s never been more difficult to get ahead in our career. Competition for schools, jobs, promotions, and recognition has never been fiercer. Social media is enabling but crowded. Professionals need something which will help them cut through the clutter and stand out. For many, a personal website is the answer. In this webinar," The Science Of Personal Websites For Career Advancement," Charles Pooley, Founder & CEO of Workfolio, will illustrate:

  • Hidden competitive realities professionals face today
  • Why social media is not enough to stand out and build your brand
  • Why everyone should have a personal website regardless of career stage
  • How to optimize your personal website for success
  • Examples of great personal websites

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Join us for the special presentation on to learn about The Science of Personal Websites for Career Advancement. Presenter: Charles Pooley, Founder & CEO of Workfolio, Forbes Best Website for Your Career Award Winner. Cost: FREE!   WATCH NOW ►  

About The Presenter

Charles is the Founder & CEO of Workfolio, a company that develops applications for professional visibility. Charles speaks and writes frequently on the subjects of design, personal branding, and marketing. Charles has been featured on Bloomberg Television as well as in Forbes, CNBC, US News, and BBC.   Charles has an extensive background in technology and marketing, and at age 30 was one of the youngest public company CIO's in America. His design and marketing work has won numerous awards including a Gold Award from the Interaction Media Association, Corp Magazine Technology Product of the Year, and Best Websites for Your Career from Forbes.
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