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POLL: Which Job Advertisement Would You Click First?

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Job Opportunities Available At You Media Inc.!

Are you a social media nerd? We’ve got a great home for you (from 9-5pm, that is!). Check out our job opportunities at You Media Inc., an award-winning media agency based out of New York that truly believes new media can help solve world problems. We can’t wait to hear from you – Apply today!


Job Opportunities Available At You Media Inc.!

Apply for a social media job at You Media Inc. today! We’re here to help YOU grow your business – the modern way. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and recently won an award for our quality service. Apply now! Also, find us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ to see what we can do for your company.



  1. Neither, but if I had to choose, A wins slightly.

    Choice A is a bit too casual, Choice B seemed like you wanted me to sign up for your services, not apply for a job

    1. I agree with Nancy about the way “B” comes across. That said, “B” is written SO enthusiastically, that my first inclination was to click on that one, anyway.

  2. I felt they were both lacking. Choice B was confusing. Choice A was inviting, but I felt it could be cleaned up a little. It’d be nice if there was a third choice that somewhat combined the two.

    Something like this:

    “Are you a social media nerd? Check out our job opportunities at You Media Inc., an award-winning media agency based out of New York. We pride ourselves in customer satisfaction, and recently won an award for our quality service! Apply for a social media job at You Media Inc. today!”

  3. Choice B left me confused – if I am applying for a job, why does it then go on to talk about helping me grow my business? I voted for A by default – even though I did not like the intro talking about being a social nerd and helping to solve world problems – really??? Neither option was really good, but B was just weird. There should have been a “neither” option :)

  4. Choice B more accurately represents a company that is active on social media which is what the job posting is all about. Someone applying for such a position would be smart to include all of their social media and blog addresses to demonstrate to the employer that you are familiar with social media and would be a good fit. The post also tells the prospective employee that service is very important to this company so using examples of excellence in service in the cover letter and resume would be a smart decision on the part of the job seeker. Another smart item to include on the cover letter might be some facts garnered from looking at the award won by the company and perhaps to include something from their mission statement as well. Just my opinion for trying to get through the first screening and get a call or in-person interview.

  5. Choice A is clearly a job posting, Choice B is confusing – it talks about job opportunities and applying for a job but then morphs into an ad for customers. I don’t understand the point of this survey.

  6. B is the one i would apply to. It gives me more info about them and gives me access to the inner workings of their fanbases and detractors… Get a clearer picture of what i could be potentially getting into…

  7. Option A looks more ”employee friendly”. If I was looking for a job ,I would choose this advertisement, because a company that is welcoming you to apply ,seems like an innovating and open minded kind of company ,with collaborative work , and inspiration. It also looks like that is looking for employees with the same optimism and innovating ideas . A company less stiff and stuck to the ideas of the past that actually wants to listen to the ideas of its employees, is really my personal favorite at this point. A company that is treating its employees with respect , will treat its customers with respect. And vice versa…

  8. First “A” refers to a person stereotypically as a “nerd”this type of labeling is unprofessional and totally not P.C.
    We’ve got a great home for you implies that the business is not business ,more of a friendly atmosphere that usually means relaxed and laid back not actual work.sounds good but 9 out of 10 nonlucrative with no advancement or future.
    (From 9-5pm that is!)implies that for the first 8hrs will be great but the time you need to spend after those first 8hrs will be pure hell!
    Award-winning media agency is by far a self proclaimed statement,more of an inticer that comes across as “too big for their britches!”
    And proclaiming that one can solve the worlds problems thru social media???unrealistic in all levels.


    1. Maybe you are right Mike , I m in the same job for 16 years and don t really know which are the ” traps “of the job applications nowadays.
      I just know that you have to work hard wherever you are. No company pays you for sitting back and relaxing. So that s a given. But to me the B option – though undeniably professional- is more about advertising the company ,than looking for employing personnel. The advertisement contains only a small sentence about applying for a job, and all the rest is about how accomplished this company is ,in customer service and customer satisfaction. Which is great , but in these few lines I somehow see that it is only about the customer and the company and the employee is in the bottom of the list. Nevertheless if I could choose , I would pick a job advertisement that would be something in between those two. But right now I still prefer option A.
      Kind regards
      Despoina T.

      1. There are jobs where you could blend into the woodwork and collect a paycheck for doing almost nothing. I had a job like that for 20 years. So, you really don’t have to work hard at every job. It paid well too by anyone’s measure. I don’t like either listing and probably would skip both as there isn’t enough detail. I would have to research the opportunity first but these ads don’t inspire me.

  9. Choice B seems a great way they try to Project their objective & relevance .It is appealing as well .
    Something optimistic and result driven ,Isn’t it? So should be every body who is online , at internet.
    But this is only a project beginning . Does anybody have a clue about the project End ? There it goes.
    Nice Poll any way. Thank you.

  10. I viewed Choice A as reading more like a job announcement. Choice B was a cross between a job announcement and advertisement to use their business.

  11. I tend to shy away from cutie-type ads. I’m looking for work; be serious about your offer, we’ll have time to play later…right now, let’s talk work.


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