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POLL: Which Opportunity Would You Share On Social Media?

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A) Traditional Job Posting
B) Company Story
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  1. Although the job opportunity post got my vote, the next opportunity this employer clearly needs to hire for is a good editor/proofreader.

  2. The question is rather narrow; I answered the most literal reading of “opportunity” as a particular job listing. In many ways the “company story” is great, although that name is itself part of the problem. Would my hypothetical friend realize that a “company story” contains a buried employment opportunity with the job title postponed until the very end. (In journalism they call that a “buried lead.”)

    This model might work well for posting a variety of openings within a company: start with the story (overview of company) then move on to more specific opportunities. For example: “Are you a six-figure sales person?” “Do you have exceptional design skills?” and so on.

  3. Oh, wait, now I see. Amidst the attempts at heart-warming and inspirational stories, they sort of let it slip that there are open positions,

  4. How is a company story an opportunity to share? On its face, this makes no sense, so I have to wonder what I’m missing.


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