Promotion Killers: Being Too Shy

Promotion Killers: Being Too Shy
Wallflowers don’t get promoted. You may be the kind of person who thinks that your work will speak for itself – that all you have to do is keep your head down and do a good job, and the promotions will follow. Unfortunately they won’t. You have to put yourself out there. Let your boss know your long and short term goals. Ask for his or her help. Find a mentor who can guide you in your career journey. Never be afraid to ask for help. Volunteer for the jobs no one wants. I once got a promotion because I volunteered to lead the United Way campaign at the company where I worked. No one wanted that job – who wants to ask their co-workers for money? On the other hand, my company was a big supporter of the United Way. By volunteering for the job, I got to meet several senior executives – one of whom offered me a great promotion. Don’t be shy, put yourself out there.

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