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I honestly believe that EVERYONE has something positive and valuable they can share to provide inspiration for fellow job seekers. That's why we created this very cool post! Here's the deal: E-mail us at inspiration@workitdaily.com. In the e-mail, please include the following 2 items: 1) Your FAVORITE career/work/job search/life inspiration quote. 2) A link to your website or profile so we can let people know who submitted the quote! In return, we will list your quote and put your link in the quote. We think this is a fun way for readers to get inspired and be encouraged to click on the links of quotes they particularly like. Imagine, a page of endlessly fun quotes and the ability to click and see who posted it. Talk about a fun use of online time! ANYONE can apply, BUT I've got two rules. 1) We will not link with anyone we feel is inappropriate. We will e-mail you if we decide to not link with you. 2) Please keep the quotes tasteful. Okay! So, send us your info and let's see how big we can get this Attitude Adjustment page to be.