WEBINAR: Find Your Next Purple Squirrel With Instagram!

It's the FREE webinar that will take your recruiter brand to the next level. Your target talent is already spending time there every day. Are you?

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During This Webinar You Will Discover How To...

  • Build Your Brand: Develop your recruiter brand to enhance your career as a savvy recruiter!
  • Connect With Talent: Engage your target talent by sharing relevant content on an app they love.
  • Be An Expert: Increase your Purple Squirrel Hunting prowess by finding your elusive candidates & guiding them to you.
  • Gain Followers: Learn secrets to gaining followers of your recruiter brand on Instagram.
  • Impress Leaders: Show your management that you're forward thinking with key statistics & behavioral data on Instagram.
  • Beat The Competition: Like any good platform, it won't be long before everyone is on Instagram. Be there, doing it right, before your competitors.