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We’ve gotten a lot of questions recently around the new show we are going to be launching called, Career Rehab. Mostly, the questions have been about privacy and what people can expect if they participate. So, we revamped our info page to provide more details that will put your mind to rest and get you excited about participating in the show. Additionally, our founder J.T. O’Donnell shot this video explaining the three reasons why you’ll want to be part of the show. In short, this is your chance to get expert career advice and 365 days of career coaching - free of charge! So, click here to learn how you can submit a question to be featured on Career Rehab and get started on your road to professional success.

Learn how to land a career you love

When managing a project, the project management team really needs to understand the expectations of top management as well as those of the key stakeholders who have a vested interest in the project.

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Every time I start a project, I get this tiny moment of panic. It doesn't last long, but even now, after years in this business, I still notice that it happens.

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