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Work It Daily's Recruit Club

"It's just a place where we can all come together, share ideas and thoughts, ask questions, and just exchange information and feel a sense of community." - J.T. O'Donnell. Work It Daily Founder and CEO

We’re giving recruiters a truly private Micronet in which to network with their peers and discuss industry best practices!

​Recruit Club brings recruiters from multiple industries and backgrounds together to discuss employee engagement, employer branding, and anything else related to the recruiting and employer branding industries.

What Makes Recruit Club Stand Out?

Recruit Club is part of the Mighty Networks micronet. A micronet is a virtual club. Similar to Facebook and LinkedIn, but more exclusive and without all the ads and spam.

What’s The Goal Of Recruit Club?

We want Recruit Club to be THE place to have open and honest discussion about the industry with your peers, without the fear of being judged. It's a hectic time in the recruiting industry and we feel these incredible professionals should have a space to discuss the latest trends for finding (and keeping) top talent.

Additional Benefits Of Recruit Club 

In addition to engaging with other recruiters, Recruit Club members will have the opportunity to engage with the Work It Daily staff. Members will also have access to:

  • Cutting-edge courses and webinars crafted to help you grow your career
  • Livestreams about trending topics (as well as Q & A)
  • Professional development challenges
  • Exclusive opportunities to have your company featured on Work It Daily's website

And more! Join Recruit Club today!