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Romney, Perry & Cain to Be on CAREEREALISM TV

Okay. So, the top three Republican presidential candidates aren’t scheduled on our show... yet. That’s why we need your help! This week, I sent personalized video invites to Herman Cain, Mitt Romney and Rick Perry, inviting them to stop by the CAREEREALISM TV studios here in Portsmouth, NH next week. They are going to be in town anyways for the debate on October 11, so why not fit in an extra media appearance to share their thoughts on job creation with the people that want to hear their thoughts, a.k.a. YOU, our readers! Their PR Teams Ignored Us! Sadly, not a single one of the candidate’s campaigns got in touch with me - even after I e-mailed these videos AND tweeted to their Twitter accounts. Request for Mr. Cain to be on CAREEREALISM TV Request for Governor Romney to be on CAREEREALISM TV Request for Governor Perry to be on CAREEREALISM TV Okay, So We Aren’t a Major TV Network, BUT We Reach a Targeted Voter Demographic! The 100K+ readers of our site and 24K+ weekly subscribers to our newsletter make up a very important voter demographic: They are the unemployed, under-employed, and over-worked who plan to vote for a candidate with the best jobs creation plan! Plus, our extensive use of LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, gives us the ability to send each candidate’s message out to literally 1,000s of additional people concerned about job creation. President Obama Got an Hour on LinkedIn - We’ll Give Each Candidate 1.5 Hours! Last week, the President got to livestream on the web for an hour over at LinkedIn to discuss his jobs creation strategy. The other candidates have to fit their discussions into a debate. We want to give the candidates a chance to be on our show and speak uninterrupted about their proposed programs. We want them to answer our viewers questions in real-time and give folks a chance to really see how each one operates. Wouldn’t you enjoy that CAREEREALISM fans? As Voters Concerned About Jobs in America, You Deserve This! If you would like the opportunity to hear more about each candidate’s job creation strategy, then we’d like to ask you to spread the word! Send this article to your family, friends, and more importantly, anyone you know at the candidate’s campaign headquarters! Let’s see if we can get one or more of these candidates to step up and show they are confident in their plan and ready to discuss it in detail on the web. In return, we’ll share their video and spread the word on their behalf. Who knows? Maybe we can get them all to participate! J.T. O’Donnell is the founder of CAREEREALISM.com and CEO of CareerHMO.com, a web-based career development company. Image from Vladislav Gurfinkel/Shutterstock