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5,000 Reasons ($$$) to Share Your Success with Monster [Video]

[Please Note: This post was sponsored by Monster.com] We all know sharing secrets to success to job search success is the right thing to do. With millions of Americans out of work, each of us can do our part to help people learn what it takes to get hired by sharing our own job search success stories. Good News! Sharing your story just got even more rewarding! Monster.com is hosting a ‘Share Your Success Sweepstakes.’ They are looking for successful job seekers to tell how they used Monster.com or other resources to find their new position. Monster Success Stories is an effort to encourage hope and optimism through the sharing of successful job-search stories and practical advice. In return, they will be awarding 6 prize packages, including a new laptop and $5K gift card for a new job wardrobe. Don’t have a success story, but you do have a great job search tip? They’ve got a prize for that too! You can also submit your best job search tip and potentially win a $250 gift card, resume re-write, and salary report. Not bad for being a good sharer, huh? Stop by today! Visit SUCCESS.monster.com and share your story because now there are 5,000 great reasons ($$$) to do so! Photo credit: Shutterstock