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Energize Your Executive Presence

What Is Work It Daily’s Executive Community?

Are you ready to take your personal branding to the next level? Become an executive influencer at Work It Daily! Our Executive Content Community can help you exercise your executive presence so you can get noticed by high-profile organizations who need your expertise.

This exclusive community is optimized for search and allows you to present yourself exactly as you are: an expert in your field. As an exclusive member, you’ll have the ability to write niche articles that will be hosted in the Community section of our site.

Not to mention, fellow C-suite professionals will be able to read and interact with your articles - that means, you will grow your executive presence AND your professional network.

Additionally, the community feature is built to be shared. This means your articles can and should be shared on social, increasing your executive online presence.

How Will This Community Benefit Me?

We receive over 3 million views on our articles in a month. That means your articles will have a reach that’s not achievable by posting solely on LinkedIn.

By choosing to write and actively post in our community, your name and expertise will become searchable on Google. When a future employer searches you online, these articles will show and they’ll look good, which will make you more sought-after for your area of expertise.

When you first join our community, you’ll work with our highly-skilled team to ensure you understand how to utilize our platform successfully. Your first article will receive personal feedback to ensure it not only looks as good as it reads, but so it can perform as well too.

In addition to this initial coaching, we will feature the community article with the most views each week in our newsletter, which has over 55,000 subscribers. With the ability to share and promote your articles easily through social media, you have a great chance of being featured!

What We Expect From Our Community Members

We are so proud to offer a platform that promotes diversity and the freedom for our members to express themselves and showcase their talents. However, this platform can only exist as long as it continues to be a safe space for all community members. Adhering to our community guidelines ensures we keep it that way. (See what we expect from you, below in our Community Rules section).

We rely on automatic moderation via a spam filter in the first instance. These pending contributors are then checked by our editorial team before being released or blocked.

If our team identifies that you’ve violated our community guidelines, we have the right to edit, alter, or remove your site from our site. In certain cases, we also have the right to remove you from our Community completely.

Work It Daily staff also has the right to make small, technical adjustments if needed

How Can I Join?

This exclusive community is open to executives on an invitation-only basis.

If you’re not already a Work It Daily member and you’re interested in joining this community, you can apply to sign up here. If you’re currently an Executive member inside Work It Daily, please reach out to your coach for further details.

f you have any additional questions about our Community, you may contact and we will be happy to assist you further!

Community Rules

As a Work It Daily Executive Community Member, you’ll be held responsible for the articles you curate. Work It Daily will not accept any liability for the content or accuracy of your contributions. Any information provided should be fact-checked the best of your ability, and should never be stolen intellectual property. By joining this Community, you’re hereby agreeing that your articles will not be obscene, defamatory, or breach the rights of others. If any work is found to do so, it will be promptly deleted without warning.

Additionally, The Work It Daily Community does not accept any of the following behavior from our Executive Community Members:

(i) Hate-Speech or Inciting Violence

Hate speech is defined as, “Public speech that expresses hate or encourages violence towards a person or group based on something such as race, religion, sex, or sexual orientation.” Work It Daily reserves the right to request edits or remove any article that may include hate speech that is offensive in any way.

(ii) Plagiarism Or Copyright

Stolen intellectual property of any kind is not tolerated in our Community. If you believe an article has been copied from another source, please report it to Our team will investigate the article, and if it warrants such action, it will be removed from the site.

(iii) Bullying or Harassment

Work It Daily’s Executive Content Community doesn’t tolerate any form of bullying or harassment. Any articles that harass, shame, or threaten groups/individuals or encourage others to do so, is strictly prohibited. Comments or articles that contain any such language or ideals will be deleted, and the user will be permanently removed from this Community. This includes, but is not limited to:

(iv) Indecent Language Or Graphic Content

Pornographic or sexually explicit images are not allowed to be used within our Community. Members are asked to refrain from using or commenting swear words within the community or posting any content that could be interpreted as obscene or of a sexual nature.

(v) Spam

Members are asked to refrain from posting content or comments that can be interpreted as ‘spam’. This includes but is not limited to:

How To Report A Violation

If you believe a user or article violates Work It Daily’s Executive Content Community, you may send an email to Please provide any information you can, and we will reach out to you as quickly as we can.

If You’re Found In Violation

If we’ve received a report of your article breaking any of our Community rules, a member of our team will be in contact with you to discuss changing certain pieces. We also have the right to remove your piece without notice, if we feel it’s necessary. In certain cases, your account may be deleted too without notice if you’re found in violation.