Stephanie Shiroma Bohannan

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Name: Stephanie Shiroma Bohannan Title: Sr. Recruiter Email: LinkedIn:

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    Company: K-LOVE & Air1 Christian Radio Location: Rocklin, CA Website: Careers Page: LinkedIn:

For Job Candidates

Preferred Method To Be Contacted By A Candidate: Email Preferred Process For Following Up On Application: Once you've applied through our website, you'll receive a confirmation email with contact information should you want to follow up with us. Things That Impress You In A Candidate: I love it when candidates don't just know who we are, but are passionate about what we do & want to be here. It's ok if you've never listened to K-LOVE or Air1 before (not every town has a K-LOVE or Air1 signal). But wanting to be a part of our mission is always great. Things Candidates Must Include To Be Considered For Job: A resume that shows your employment history. A demo/air-check, if you're applying for any on-air or production position. Things That Will Disqualify A Candidate From Getting Considered: Because we are a ministry our screening criteria is different from most businesses. When we are interviewing candidates, we look for three things. Technical Fit - Do you have the experience, skills, qualifications, education for the job? Ministry Fit - Do your values align with ours & can you wholeheartedly support our mission? Cultural Fit - Can you thrive within & enhance our unique culture? All of these 3 criteria must be met if we are to hire that person. Can Candidates Apply For Multiple Positions And Not Get Penalized?: Yes

Recruiter's Perspective

What's your favorite quote? It's not about us. It's all about Him. (K-LOVE & Air1 Value #5) What do you like to do in your free time? I dance hula. And even teach a hula class for kids. In a sentence, why do you enjoy working at your company? I hear listener stories about how K-LOVE & Air1 has impacted their life. It's so rewarding knowing that I'm a part of that. In a sentence, how does your company have fun on a regular basis? We have food & fun days, lunchtime concerts when artists visit & monthly staff meetings that are awesome! In a sentence, how would you describe the employees at your company? We are an eclectic blend of personality types working together for one purpose. To further God’s kingdom.

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