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4 Steps to Get a Summer Internship in 2012

4 Steps to Get a Summer Internship in 2012


Every savvy college student in America knows an internship is a must-have before you graduate. In today’s competitive workplace, getting an entry-level job requires real-world working experience. And an internship is the best way to get it.

So, how do you land an internship that doesn’t revolve around making copies and getting coffee?

Join Career Expert, J.T. O’Donnell on her weekly web TV show, Career Juice to learn how easy getting a good internship can be.

O’Donnell will outline the four steps a student needs to take to land a great summer job. In it she’ll explain:

1) How to pick your employer.
2) How to have virtually no competition for the internship.
3) How to go from unpaid to paid.

Don’t miss this info-packed session designed to take the stress and guesswork out of the internship job hunt.

VideoThis event has already occurred but the recording can be watched on CareerHMO. Sign up for your video viewing membership now!

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