The Student Perspective On Life After College

Soon-to-be Grads

Meet some of the men of the Pi Kappa Alpha! Most of them are graduating in May, and, although they are optimistic about their future, they share some of the concerns that many college seniors are dealing with today. Watch the video below to get their thoughts, insight, and advice.

Younger students

Meet some of the members of the graduating classes of ’16 and ’17. Even though they still have a few years to go before they are thrown out into the “real world,” they are already thinking about their job search. Watch the video below to learn more about their thoughts and concerns.


Sick of all of the negativity surrounding the “real world”? We don’t blame you!

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  1. LIfe after college is essentially about taking upon more responsibilities. Yes, there will be more freedom, more choices to make and make your errors too. The idea should be to indulge as much as possible in interactions and situations that engage your mind, capture your curiosity or make you feel good. Don’t go by the book. Don’t follow too many rules about what you should do now. Besides keeping honest with the career path you have chosen, be spontaneous…

  2. One of the key comments was the individual who said be Proactive. No doubt that, and having predetermined goals that one is proactively moving toward applying focused and hard work will lead to greater job finding success. But one also needs to focus on a career not just a job. Jobs are plentiful if all you seek in a paycheck – but a long evolving career moving toward success in a chosen field is more difficult. It takes planning. Thus, the individual who stated “Network on campus,” is correct. start while still in school. identify companies and careers that make sense for you. Check into internships, summer work in the industry of choice and make those all important campus connections such as professional societies that have campus chapters. Get involved, take a leadership role. it means a lot in an interview and you’ll make long lasting contacts and develop relationships with like minded students, soon to become professional in your field.


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