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Success Wall: Lauran Just Started Her Own Business!

Success Wall: Lauran Just Started Her Own Business!


Success Wall LauranLand your dream job? Get a promotion? Make a successful career change? Congratulations! We want to share your inspiring story with other job seekers, hard workers, and career changers on our Success Wall – a place where we celebrate your accomplishments. Here’s today’s story:

Meet Lauran…

Name: Lauran Smith

Age: 35

Title: CEO

After quitting my corporate America after 13 years w the #1 auto insurer, I am now the CEO of my own Social Media Public Relations Firm. I was severely unhappy with my corporate job, so it had to be left behind to pursue my dreams.

Her Goals

My goal was to be happy in my career, not just to work for a paycheck.

Her Challenges

My biggest challenge in becoming a CEO was dealing w less money, no health insurance, and having to sell my product. However, I don’t mind the hard work as it is paying off!

Her “Aha” Moment

What I did differently to reach my goal of becoming my own boss was dropping the dead weight of a “going nowhere” job path. Deciding to leave that job was the best decision I could have ever made.

Her Success

I am currently working full time as CEO & Principal Publicist of my firm, with a total of 11 clients and counting! Couldn’t have achieved this without focusing on what mattered most: HAPPINESS. I have rough days, but they are much better than driving an hour or so away from home daily to a job that I hate!

Congratulations, Lauran!

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