Don't Like My Job, Should I Go Back to School?

Dear Experts, I am a 2008 graduate with a degree in Sport Studies, Marketing. I thought working with sports/marketing was my dream job however I have only come to realize it's far from it. I truly have developed a passion for working with children throughout many years of coaching gymnastics as well as working in local school districts after my recent experiences in a business setting. I can't stand sitting in front of a computer 9-5 and all that comes with being in an office. Thoughts about graduate school are constantly racing through my mind to go back for teaching. However, it is hard to commit because it is a long process all over again and a rather large step when I am feeling so confused about all the options I have. I don't know what to focus on. Education? Occupational therapy in a school setting? Also, where do I attend school and how do I afford living? Any ideas on where to begin would be appreciated. Here is how our T.A.P. experts answered this question: Q#310 You need to start doing some research re: ur options and interests. Maybe engage a coach 2 help u w. ur plan. ( @DebraWheatman ) Q#310 So many ?s. 1st step: ask for convo w/Occupat Therapist in school setting (informat. interview) to research career. ( @ValueIntoWords ) Q#310 Ask some1 currently 'doing' job about the 'good, bad, ugly' of the career b4 pursuing how to pay for educ, etc. ( @ValueIntoWords ) Q#310 Research alternat cert programs 4 phy educ teacher 4 ur state or market urself 2 daycare as "fitness 4 kids" service. ( @kgrantcareers ) Q#310 Need gd reason 4 school; C if u really like teaching as a vol eg teach gymnstx, Sunday schl, scout ldr. ( @juliaerickson ) Q#310 How about "decide what you want to do first." Then you can worry about the rest. One thing at a time. ( @beneubanks ) Q#310 Yes, but only if is what you wish to do. If you doing it just because you don't like your job, that's the wrong reason. ( @gradversity ) Q#310 B4 career change , research/shadow pros in targeted field. Ask lots of ?s No job is perfect. ( @keppie_careers ) Q#310 Take 1 step at a time. 1st Explore & get more info: Talk 2 people in the field u want and learn the different paths. ( @TaiGoodwin ) Q#310 NO School YeT! Approach future career choice like research project. Interview 3ppl/career to learn more. ( @jtodonnell ) Our Twitter Advice Project (T.A.P.) is no longer an active campaign. To find an answer to the above question, please use the "Search" box in the right-hand column of this website.