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Am I Doomed Without a Good Network?


Dear Experts,

How do you get a job in this market when you don’t have a sound network?

Here is how our T.A.P. experts answered this question:

Q#315 You’re not doomed. You just need to start making connections. There’s no cut off point for starting a network! (@louise_fletcher)

Q#315 Ur in a tough spot: UR network is your best source of info & opportunities. I’d start making connections ASAP. (@TaiGoodwin)

Q#315 First, start building a network now. Second, find ways to prove how valuable you can to an organization. (@gradversity)

Q#315 It’s possible to get a job w/o a network, but it’s much harder. And better to start late than never! (@beneubanks)

Q#315 Networks Can Be Created ANYWHERE. Pick 5 co’s in your area, find contacts & start reaching out! (@jtodonnell)

Q#315 You DO have ntwk: college pals, neighbors, friends, relatives, co-wkrs. Start talk’g 2 pple re ur goals! (@juliaerickson)

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