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Resign Before or After the Long Weekend?


Dear Experts,

I just accepted another job offer and was going to resign tomorrow. However, a friend just told me I won’t get paid for the holiday on Monday and they’ll take a vacation day I’ve earned for it instead. Which means, I’ll get paid one less vacation day when I depart. Is that true? Should I wait until Tuesday to tell them so that I can get the holiday pay and the extra day of vacation pay they would owe me?

Here is how our T.A.P. experts answered this question:

Q#323 Lvg w/o notice burns bridges, can ruin references. When u resign, plan on min 1 wk , pref 2 wk notice. (@juliaerickson)

Q#323 Do it at the start of the week. Not for the pay, but because it is more professional. (@gradversity)

Q#323 When resigning be professional and give 2 weeks notice. If not giving 2 weeks notice, then check comp policy reg pay. (@kgrantcareers)

Q#323 Depends on company policy RE: holiday pay. What does UR handbook say? Is one day +/- that big of a deal? (@dawnbugni)

Q#323 Don’t see why they’d take a vacation day. If U miss 1 holiday pay, who cares? U R leaving w/zero notice. (@beneubanks)

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