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What’s the Deal With Objective Statements on Resumes?


Dear Experts,

My name is Erica and I am just starting to get familiar with Twitter. All of your posts on Twitter are very interesting and I enjoy reading your career tips. I was wondering what your experts say about objective statements on resumes; I’ve received various responses from professors and elders, and was wondering what you all had to say?

Here is how our T.A.P. experts answered this question:

Q#338 Avoid objective statements. Present what u can offer the co. via a summary – not what u want. (@DebraWheatman)

Q#338 Objectives considered me-focused. Use headline (focused on position target), accompanied by value-focused Profile. (@ValueIntoWords)

Q#338 Some say keep, some say toss. It’s really just a tiny part of whole process (unless it sucks). (@beneubanks)

Q#338 Objectives are outdated. Brand yourself to show your value to employers. And use a “title” to indicate who you are. (@careerbranches)

Q#338 Objectives promote jobseekers’ needs. A profile allows u to meet a multitude of employer request. (@resumeservice)

Q#338 I think they have “jumped the shark”. Try a personal branding statement instead. (@gradversity)

Q#338 Nix objctve; 3-5 sentence profile: ur skills/personality/challenges u excel @ mng’g, results u deliver. (@juliaerickson)

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