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Is the ‘New Guy’ My Replacement?


Dear Experts,

A new guy just got hired in my company, doing the same job as me, but he’s been given a little bit more responsibility and a more senior title. I’ve been with the company about 6 months and thought I was doing an okay job, but now I wonder if I’m going to get let go and he’s my replacement? What should I do?

Here is how our T.A.P. experts answered this question:

Q#342 Likely nothing to worry about. But keep your nose to the grindstone just in case. (@gradversity)

Q#342 Talk w/boss about your role/performance/growth..and prep your resume & network if your gut senses something. (@TaiGoodwin)

Q#342 U still have job so ask boss 4 clarity re ur role/performance. Notice where u cd go extra mile, do it. (@juliaerickson)

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