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Is Sending Holiday Cards To Hiring Managers Trying Too Hard?


Dear Experts,

I interviewed at a company recently and haven’t heard back yet. The hiring manager told me he was interviewing a lot of people for this job and wouldn’t make a decision until after the first of the year. I sent a hand-written thank-you note to the hiring manager right after my interview. I feel like we had a really good connection.  So, I was also thinking perhaps I should send him a holiday card, but wondered if that would be seen as trying too hard.

What do you think?

Here is how our CAREEREALISM-Approved Experts answered this question on Twitter:

Sending Holiday Cards To Hiring Managers Is…

Q#396 Sending card=timely; keep message brief/positive/personalized–link holiday message w/ “who you are.” (@ValueIntoWords)

Q#396 Sending cards is a GREAT idea. Even send small gifts – candy. It’s all about being remembered. (@careers20)

Q#396 Great idea: Say “gr8 2 meet u, have oppty 2 explore wkg w/ such terrific co, look 4wd 2 hrng fr u in 2010.” (@juliaerickson)

Q#396 I think sending a holiday card is a very nice idea. It’s about establishing a connection and standing out. (@DebraWheatman)

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