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Not all of us could get our dream job, or the kind of job we dreamed about when we were kids. For some, a dream job would be that of a police officer, a fireman, or a soldier, and one could indeed consider oneself lucky if one could gain a dream job of his choice during his lifetime. RELATED: The 4 Essential ‘P’s’ Of Your Dream Job Perhaps the most perplexing part is that many people end up in jobs which have no connection or link with what they have studied in High School or University. One may have studied law but could have ended up balancing ledgers in some commercial firm. It is indeed one thing to pursue a dream career and yet another to gain and realize it during one’s lifetime. However, for people who believe in chasing their dream career to the ultimate, these are the tips that need to be passionately and fervently followed for any possible chance of success.

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