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Some people just know that they want to work with money. If you’ve always had a head for numbers, love a good Excel formula and have a strong sense of business, then a job in finance might be ideal for you. Related: How To Find A Great Finance Job Right Out Of College Okay, it’s not the most glamorous of jobs, but entry salaries are pretty good. Plus, let’s face it, people will always have money and they will need people to look after it, so a career in this field will be pretty safe, too. To most people, a job in finance is a job in finance. However, like most careers it is one of many different fields. Do you want to be a banker or an investment manager? A financial trader or a stock broker? A chartered accountant or a tax inspector? Wherever you decide you would like to move into will depend on your personality, your grades and qualifications, and where you are able to get your foot in a door. If you have strong analytical and communication skills, work well in a team, are a fast learner, and excel under pressure, then a career in finance might be for you. Here is the low down on a few financial positions:

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