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Like the Greek mythical figure Promethean, our societies and nations are chained to a rock of our own making, as evidenced by debt-laden economies, governmental systems breakdown, high and prolonged levels of unemployment, integrated and complex global economic systems, and the challenges posed by historic technological advancement. Like Promethean, we too have the potential to “break our chains," tapping into the power of our resilient and indomitable human condition. Related: What The Romans Can Teach You About Career Change We currently find ourselves battling a Global epidemic of societal, political, and economic crisis. My research, conducted for a doctoral dissertation at Case Western Reserve University (Weatherhead), focused on issues surrounding underemployment, unemployment and even unemployability in America. As the “social contract” (i.e. Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security) is under enormous strain, much will be at stake as we deal with how societal, political, educational, legal, and economic institutions handle this very complicated and multi-facetted issue - posing the question,“Will America suffer a lost economic generation?” In this pioneering research, we conducted both qualitative and quantitative research five years after the 2008 US and global economic collapse. This research helped us identify the Promethean Career Framework; this framework consists of eight factors that resulted in more favorable individual and career outcomes throughout this turbulent period.

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