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The workplace is a dynamic place. Unfortunately, any time multiple humans get together, there is potential for conflict. Disagreements in the workplace can be unpleasant. Assuming two people are at odds with one another, that negative vibe can quickly spread through a team or organization. Related: How To Deal With Conflict In The Workplace It is almost a guarantee that into each career some disagreement will fall. It would be impossible to always agree on strategy and tactics with colleagues. It would also be counterproductive to always have agreement in the workplace. Encouraging and promoting different ideas and perspectives are key to coming up with solutions and teams performing at high levels. The task becomes determining if a disagreement is healthy. If it is unhealthy, it can be difficult to diagnose and solve the problem. No matter how much people say, “Let it go, it’s just work,” that is easier said than done. When people put so much into their career and job, it often becomes worth it to try to understand disagreements. Navigating these squalls can go a long way to saving or strengthening relationships, and improving one’s professional reputation.

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