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Best Format For E-mailing Resumes?


Dear Experts,

What format do you recommend for e-mailing resumes? I’ve been using publisher, but I’m starting to reconsider.

Here is how the T.A.P. experts answered this question:

@keppie_careers Q#142 To email resumes, MS Word typically preferred. May consider creating PDF and adding as option.

@ValueIntowords Q#142 Universal (preferred) formats include MS Word (attachment) + Plain Text/ASCII (2 cut/paste into email body).

@kgrantcareers Q#142 Best format for e-mailing resume – I agree w other experts – Word or PDF file is best.

@sweetcareers Q#142 Ask empl’s pref, bt generally PDF is preferable. If using Wrd 07, check if empl cn open, if not, save as ’03.

@beneubanks Q#142 Word is most popular (.doc, not .docx), but I’d use PDF to ensure integrity/formatting on the resume.

@DebraWheatman Q#142 If uploading to a site convert the resume to text so that information is not lost and strange characters do not appear.

@iplawman Q#142 If not specified, use PDF format. Send single file with cover letter on first page and resume following.

@dawnbugni Q#142 Word or PDF (or both) accepted format. Publisher, not good. Not everyone has. Follow submission directions.

@resumesrevealed Q#142 Use PDF always, unless 4 Word or plain txt; if using Word, don’t use header 4 contact info – ATS w/not pick it up.

@jtodonnell Q#142 I say PDF EVERYTHING so it doesn’t get altered in transfer. Free tool like Primo can convert file for you.

@heatherhuhmanQ#142 I personally recommend PDF, unless the ad states no attachments. Preserves your fonts and formatting.

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