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How Do I Maintain a Strong Personal Brand While Away?


Dear Experts,

I am going to study abroad for 4 weeks. How can I turn that experience into something companies can use? What should I do there? If the program is “intense” and leaves little time for personal pursuits, what is a basic task I should do at the very least?

Here is how our T.A.P. experts answered this question:

@jtodonnell Q#151 Blog/Tweet/Link – social networks should be maximized so you can share what experience you are gaining.

@resumesrevealed Q#151 Immerse yourself in the language; see if you can arrange a few informational interviews with people in ur field

@DebraWheatman Q#151 Strengthen exp. w/ language. Visit historical places; absorb the culture which is good in a diverse professional envt.

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