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“What Are Your Salary Requirements?”


Dear Experts,

What’s the right answer to the question, “What are your salary requirements?” I don’t want to undersell or oversell myself.

Here is how our T.A.P. experts answered this question:

@keppie_careers Q#155 Answering the salary question: http://bit.ly/21rgem

@gradversity Q#155 Figure out how much you need to get by and use online salary comparison sites to form a reasonable response.

@juliaerickson Q#155 Know how much u need/want, tell them range & “I’m flexible 4 right opp” & read this http://bit.ly/tzK13

@dawnbugni Q#155 First, research range. Then, “I’m sure salary commiserate with duties & market rate.” Or give range, Not 1 number.

@beneubanks Q#155 I ask them 1) what last person made and 2) what their range is. First person to speak loses!

@jtodonnell Q#155 Suggest range so you don’t price yourself out. Explain range reflects differences in benefits/opportunity.

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