Dear Experts, Is it appropriate and can it be effective for individuals in clerical, administrative, customer service, call center, fast food service, retail etc. to use social media (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, message boards, blogs etc.) for finding work? Or are these types of positions more conducive to responding to help wanted ads? If internet can add value over and above traditional in store advertising, newspaper/job board ads, how can it best be leveraged for these types of positions? Here is how our T.A.P. experts answered this question: @juliaerickson Q#167 Soc media gd 4 any job srch, esp 2 help w/networking, best source 4 jobs; it's who u know & referrals. @dawnbugni Q#167 SM is a tool. Use it for company research, connect w/current co employees , network. Broadens resources. @jtodonnell Q#167 Social Media is like going to a party & meeting 1000's people who can help each other. EVERYONE benefits! @gradversity Q#167 SN's a great tool for filling these types of roles as it allows you to reach a broad audience for more generic positions. Our Twitter Advice Project (T.A.P.) is no longer an active campaign. To find an answer to the above question, please use the "Search" box in the right-hand column of this website.

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