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Dear Experts, I finally got offered a job but I don't think I'm going to enjoy what I'll be working on. I need money to pay off my college loans so I'm considering accepting the job and continuing my job search. Is this a good decision? Here is how our T.A.P. experts answered this question: @kgrantcareers Q#181 Did u know u can file 2 defer college loan paymnt 4 at least 6 months? Do that 2 take pressure off. Pick diff job. @gradversity Q#181 If you need the money, take the job. You can always leave after. But you may be surprised and actually enjoy it! @jtodonnell Q#181 Don't accept job you 'think' you may not like. Ask to meet & get questions answered to determine for sure. @louise_fletcher Q#181 If you need the money, take the job and keep looking. It gives you the time you need to find something you love. @resumesrevealed Q#181 Accept offer & continu job search. You might end up liking job, pple and co. after all. Don't dismiss w/out a try. @DebraWheatman Q#181 Try it. U never know. U might be surprised. You can always continue to look. Will give u oppty. to learn & pay bills. @juliaerickson Q#181 Dual path: job 2 pay bills, pursue dream; C job as step to goal, use wisely, learn skills, gain exper. Our Twitter Advice Project (T.A.P.) is no longer an active campaign. To find an answer to the above question, please use the "Search" box in the right-hand column of this website.

Learn how to land a career you love

Being able to clearly define your value proposition can be hugely successful for a business, providing them a significant competitive advantage. Here are three steps to develop your value proposition.

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For years now, I have seen hustle-culture being glorified, and it frustrates me. The idea of earning respect by overworking yourself isn't healthy. It just isn't. As a small business owner, I fully understand the word hustle. I grind daily. But as human beings, we have limits, so I suggest that we must be intentional with how we hustle.

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