Boss Took All The Credit For My Work, Advice?

Dear Experts, I'm an intern at a company this summer 2 days a week. My manager asked me to organize the office supply closet and take inventory. In the process, I found out the company was getting charged for some supplies they weren't receiving and/or were missing. And, I saw they should have been getting a discount based on the size of the order with the supplier they used. I pointed this all out to my manager who said she was very pleased with my work and that I would surely get compensated for finding the error and additional costs savings. Well, two weeks later and I hadn't heard anything, so I asked a co-worker about it. That's when I found out my MANAGER took credit for finding the errors and hadn't told anyone that I had found them. I'm so angry I could scream. Is there anything I can do to get the credit I deserve? Should I ask her about the compensation she mentioned? Here is how our T.A.P. experts answered this question:@ValueIntoWordsQ#184 Recommend allaying ur anger & respectfully inquiring of ur boss abt status of possible remuneration. (more) @jtodonnellQ#184 Ask if anything came of your findings. There might be more to the story, or something in works for you. @teenaroseQ#184 I agree with others' advice. Tread lightly. Avoid burning a bridge based on potential misinformation. @DebraWheatmanQ#184 Develop a report about your findings. Send it to your manager and the superior as documentation of your work. @gradversityQ#184 Agree with @beneubanks. Take this as a learning experience and break the news differently next time. @tmonhollonQ#184 Sorry to say it could happen again. But no matter. Act w/ integrity, even if they don't. It matters! Do nothing. Chalk up=experience. Next time include everyone (public CC) when discussing your sol'n w/boss. @resumesrevealedQ#184 Don't assume-co-workr may not know 4 sure. Echo exprts-plus-ask how much$ was saved so u can put it on ur resume. @AndyInNaples: Q#184 Approach after cool-off period; Hear the whole story. Avoid negative talk. Look for the good. @louise_fletcherQ#184 I would assume good intentions and just ask if anything ever came of it. Avoid confrontation at all costs. @ValueIntoWordsQ#184 May ask boss 4 written ltr of recommendation, incl. credit 4 this achievement as part of internship wrap-up. @heatherhuhman: Q#184 Completely agree w/@ValueIntoWords & @jtodonnell. Discuss *calmly* w/your boss if this really upsets U. @ValueIntoWordsQ#184 Assume ur manager's best intentions--addressing directly w/her b4 escalating emotions. Make lemonade if possible. Our Twitter Advice Project (T.A.P.) is no longer an active campaign. To find an answer to the above question, please use the "Search" box in the right-hand column of this website.